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Infrared Grills and Infrared Gas Grills

Golden Blount, Inc. is the manufacturer and supplier of the "TEXAS SIZZLER INFRARED GRILLS". Our Infrared Grills are not only the most affordable on the market, but they are also unsurpassed in terms of quality and performance. With a sleek design and superior craftsmanship the "Texas Sizzler" line of Infrared Grills has set the standard in infrared grilling.

Infrared Grilling is about more than just throwing a few pieces of meat on the grill to cook. It's about passion for grilling the perfect steak, burger, fish, chicken, or pork with a unique flavor that only you and your Infrared Gas Grill can provide. If you have a passion for grilling is like we do, then using a second rate grill or piece of meat is simply not an option. Here at Golden Blount, we design and build our "TEXAS SIZZLER INFRARED GRILLS" with a single goal in mind. To deliver the juiciest, most flavorful grilled meat that you have ever tasted.

If you're ready to experience the power and taste of Golden Blount's Infrared Grills, then contact one of our Professional Factory Representatives and order your "TEXAS SIZZLER INFRARED GRILL" today!

Sizzler Jr

Best Infrared Grill - Infrared GrilMUST HAVE FOR TAILGATERS

Perfect for Town homes, apartments, boats, RVs or small spaces.

Lifetime warranty on the stainless steel, and 10 years on the burner.

If you are looking for the best infrared barbecue grill, then you need the Sizzle jr. from Golden Blount.  Not only is the Sizzler jr. the best  infrared barbeque grill on the market, but it is portable and excellent for tailgating.

Elite II

Featuring TWO 1600 degree Ceramic Infrared Burners

In a recent CNN Money Infrared Grill Review, the Sizzler II was rated “best steak for grilling”.   The Today show also conducted an Infrared Grill Review, and they also said it was the best grill for steaks as well.



Sizzler III

Featuring THREE powerful 1600 degree Ceramic Infrared Burners

If you are looking for the best infrared grill on the market for backyard grilling, then you need the Sizzler III from Golden Blount.  The Sizzler III is the best infrared grill for all your family backyard gatherings.