Best Infrared Grill Recipes



To:     All Texas Sizzler and Best Infrared Grill Owners


Re:  Tips on cooking on Texas Sizzler from Best Infrared Grill


·    Turn on grill by the pilot-….light the pilot , then turn on the burners.   You should let the grill cook on high at least 20 minutes to “season the grill” & burn off any manufacturing odors the 1st time you use it!    Important to tell the customer!



·    Item: the air cooled hood feature, no one else has it!  This Allows you to close the hood while cooking on High heat…On infrared!    More smoke flavor!    (Note:  Sizzler Jr. from Best Infrared Grill Hood is NOT air cooled)


·    Steaks!    “Pittsburgh” style! Cook on high heat.   Cooking time:  about 5 to 8 minutes per side, for rare to medium. This is what it’s all about!   This seals in the juice & maximizes taste!  Sear both sides for 2 minutes to seal in the juices and then cook on medium for 3 to 5 minutes per side for most people. The searing also “caramelizes” the surface of the meat giving superior taste!   So season to taste!


I like to lightly marinate (your choice of marinade)…Pat dry, and then add garlic powder & fresh ground black pepper.  I usually get the New York Strips (from Sams Club.)  (Any good marinade is fine; any cut of steak is fine)

A pat of herbal butter (parsley) right when you serve them

Will give them that “Ruth Chris taste”.  Delicious!  Chopped fresh parsley & garlic in olive oil, (chimichurra sauce) Latin Pesto…is a very Good garnish for meat & (chicken)


·    Hamburgers!     Make fresh patties, a little Lea & Perrin Sauce,

         Pepper, salt, garlic powder. Cook on medium to high!

        ( About 12 to 15 minutes )  

        Juicy & tasty with grill marks!  Excellent burgers! (Tip: ground

        Sirloin 80/20 fat content) Black Angus or Buffalo is great…“hand

         Make “patties & put in fridge…  20 minutes) will insure “perfect



·    Fish!       Three ways to cook!

    1. You can fry fish, (chicken wings) or shrimp in the FRYER/STEAMER     BASKET

     2. You can “blacken” Tuna or Salmon on the griddle on Medium            

          To high heat!

    3. Or you can grill on the cooking grids… top or bottom! 

         ( fish basket works well)






 I use a  Lodge Cast Iron Skillet; I heat the skillet on the grill (on high) Marinate the Salmon in Teriyaki sauce, then rub it with a little olive oil, I then put a lemon pepper over it, Or Cajun rub or seasoning, ‘blacken it,

 Then I throw it in the hot skillet & cook about 2 to 3 minutes per side. Take it out, grill some Vidalia onions & green peppers in the skillet (where you cooked the fish).  Spritz the fish with fresh lime juice; pour the onions all around the fish!   Serve over Angel Hair Pasta, White or Yellow rice!   Very tasty! 


Same combo works with Ahi Tuna, Tilapia,  Catfish, Redfish,

Grouper, Snapper, trout, or Orange Roughy!


I usually fillet my Salmon about 1/2 to 3/4 inches thick. I like it a little thin!  More Flavor!


   Teppenyaki style Griddle:


You can sear and cook steak, chicken, shrimp , fried rice and vegetables on this griddle. Just like Benihana Steak House!


     you can also use the griddle to cook fish, grill hotdogs ( Nathan’s style) Philly cheese steaks, bacon, sausage, pancakes etc. 


     My Favorite is; Fajitas!     Buy skirt steak, marinate with lime & olive oil & garlic. Buy some Badia “complete seasoning” & apply. Grill with onions, serve with warm flour tortillas &

 Monterey jack cheese & Pico de Gallo sauce!   Frozen “top shelf” Margaritas go well!


Steamer basket:   Use it to steam shrimp, corn on the cob, potatoes, carrots, squash, cabbage, broccoli, New England boiled dinner! 


 steam hotdogs, Polish sausage or Brats in beer. (Do not let the liquid run out or you will burn your food.)  They are great seared as well!

Other accessories: rotisserie, wood chip smoker, BBQ tray.

Tip: Try apple wood chips!


Clean up: turn grill on high, close the lid, & let it burn off. (About 5 min) Brush the grill with a brush!   Keep your grill covered when not in use & use a stainless steel cleaner to keep new looking!  The ash will be vaporized.  (Wd-40 works well to shine & clean up new grills) 




Drip pan can be cleaned with soap & water & you can put Aluminum Foil in for easy clean up!


Lifetime warranty on the stainless steel body & 10 yrs on the burners!


Experience the fantastic” taste” of Infra-red Searing:   Great for Steaks, Hamburgers, Chicken, pork and fish!  Enjoy!


These are great recipes for Texas Sizzler or Elite from Best Infrared Grill. 




                                Good grilling!