Backyard Grilling

At Golden Blount, Inc., our lines of infrared grills are just what you have been looking for to transform your backyard grilling experience into a gourmet treat.  Our modern and sleek Best Infrared Grill Elite II | Infrared Grilldesigns will transform the way your patio looks too!  Our Texas Sizzler line and our new Elite line of infrared grills will change the way you think about backyard grilling.


Golden Blount has been manufacturing and supplying the very best quality infrared grills since 1970.  Our dedication to designing the best products and manufacturing them with unsurpassed quality has made us the top of the line in infrared backyard grilling equipment.  Not only will our grills deliver meats so juicy, tender, and delicious you have to taste them to believe it, but our grills also cut down on cook time and energy usage too!  Spend more time eating and enjoying your company and less time waiting for your grill to heat up with one of our infrared grills.


For us, it’s about passion for grilling the perfect steak, burger, fish, chicken, or pork with a unique flavor that only you and your Infrared Gas Grill can provide.  If you are ready to transform your backyard grilling experience and to taste the most delicious meats you have ever tasted, give Golden Blount a call today.