Best Infrared Grill Testimonials

Mark… from Michigan writes:   “Just got in my new Texas Sizzler Jr. from Best Infrared Grill with pedestal  and cooked burgers…. it is amazing!”
Best Infrared Grill Sizzler JR.

Marty… from Clearwater, Florida ordered three Grills!  The Sizzler II and Sizzler Jr from Best Infrared Grill were shipped to Clearwater and the Big Sizzler III was shipped to South Bend, Indiana….Marty is a big Notre Dame Alumnus and will be  cooking steaks  for all  his friends in the parking lot before the Notre Dame Football games!   Marty is going to be one popular guy…as the Sizzler III from Best Infrared is an awesome grill!    Ah…. The Luck Of the Irish!


Jeff From Texas says “Used my grill for the first time last night. – my grill was super hot and seared my steaks just like Ruth’s Chris. They were awesome!”