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2012   To:     All Texas Sizzler and Best Infrared Grill Owners   Re:  Tips on cooking on Texas Sizzler from Best Infrared Grill   ·    Turn on grill by the pilot-….light the pilot , then turn on the burners.   You should let the grill cook on high at least 20 minutes to “season the grill” & burn off any manufacturing odors the 1st time you use it!    Important to tell the customer! ·    WARM UP TIME:   3 MINUTES!  1600 DEGREES!    ·    Item: the air cooled hood feature, no one else has it!  This Allows you to close the hood while cooking on High...

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Infrared Gas Grill by Golden Blount

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TAILGATING SEASON HAS ARRIVED!   Make your next tailgate a winner with a “TEXAS SIZZLER JR.” Infrared Gas Grill from “Golden Blount”. The” SIZZLER JR.” is both easy to carry and easy to setup. Don’t let the size fool you, this portable Infrared Gas Gill kicks out 15,000 BTUs. You don’t have to sacrifice taste and quality anymore at your tailgate. The Texas Sizzler Jr. will cook the same quality steaks, burgers, and chops that you get from your local fine “steakhouse”. So before you root your team on to victory, grill up some winning meat on an Infrared Gas Grill from...

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