Infrared BBQ Gas Grill

Best Infrared Grill is the leader in Infrared BBQ Gas Grill manufacturing.  Established in 1970, Best Infrared Grill has the Sizzler jr, Sizzler II, and Sizzler III to meet all Addison infrared grill needs.


The Sizzler jr.  – Starting at $495Best Infrared Grill Elite II

  • portable
  • excellent for tailgating

The Elite II – Starting at $1375

  • Featured on the Today Show
  • Rated by CNN Money “Best Steak Lovers Grill”

The Sizzler III – Starting at $2650

  • The premier infrared grill
  • Best choice for anyone’s backyard

Best Infrared Gas Grills is not only the leader in Infrared BBQ gas grill manufacturing, but they feature a full line of fireplace equipment including ceramic logs.  If you are in the market for Infrared BBQ Gas Grill solution, then come by show room or call us today.


Best Infrared Grill
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Infrared BBQ Gas Grill