Why Infrared Grill

People often wonder why meat cooked on an “Infrared Grill” taste so much better than a traditional “Barbeque Gas Grill”. Simply put, meat cooked on an Infrared Grill is more TENDER, JUICY, and bursting with FLAVOR.

By using superior Infrared Grilling technology, our “TEXAS SIZZLER” and “ELITE” model grills will make your next barbeque, tailgate, or camping trip a taste sensation. Here are just a few reasons why you should get rid of that old “Traditional Charcoal or Gas Grill” and purchase a Golden Blount “Infrared Grill”:

  • Direct Energy Transfer

Infrared cooking simply transfers energy or heat from one source (the ceramic burner) to the object being heated (i.e. the Steak or Fish). The Texas Sizzler and Elite Series both use a ceramic burner that distributes high heat evenly across cooking surface to eliminate “Cold Spots” and lock in the juices.

  • High Heat – Our Infrared Grills use ceramic burners with evenly distributed ports that glow at 1600˚. Unlike low temperature gas grills, our grills produce high temperatures that will sear your meat, lock in flavor, and reduce “hot air” which causes meat to dry out.
  • Time & Efficiency

Traditional “Gas Grills” may take as long as 20-30 minutes to reach only 400-600 degrees. The ceramic burners on our Infrared Gas Grills reach 1600 degrees in just 3 minutes, so you can focus your time on eating instead of cooking. Not only will our “Texas Sizzler” and “Elite” model grills save you time, but they will also help you save on gas. Traditional “Gas Grills” typically rate between 40,000-70,000 BTU’s per hour, whereas our Infrared Grills only use 15,000 BTU’s per hour. Therefore, you will use less gas and need to replace your L.P. tank less often.

  • No “Flare-Ups”

Nothing can ruin a perfect grilling experience like “flare-ups”. You know when you throw a steak on the grill and 5 minutes later the flame from the burner shoots up like a volcano and burns the outside of your meat to a crisp while leaving it raw on the inside. The “Texas Sizzler” and “Elite” Infrared Grill models cook at high heat and utilize our “V” Groove Cooking Grids to lock in juices and prevent those hated “flare-ups”.

Here are Golden Blount grilling is more than our business, it’s our passion. That’s why all of our Infrared Grills use superior grilling technology and design to deliver unparalleled “TASTE” and “FLAVOR”.